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The World’s 10 Most Bizarre Rare Animals

In the world there are all types of weird and wonderful animals….humans included! But deep in the rainforest or right at the bottom of the ocean, there are some truly marvellous looking creatures that you just don’t see on a day to day basis on your way to work! Here are the world’s most bizarre rare animals.

Mexican Walking Fish

Otherwise known as Axoloti, these freaky looking fish are on the cusp of wild extinction. Even though it is a bit weird looking, it sort of has a fun-looking face (and is pink). Everybody wins.

Cantor’s Giant Soft Shelled Turtle

This turtle is no ordinary turtle; its shell is actually soft! One of Cambodia’s oddest inhabitants, the soft shell turtle doesn’t call the sea its home - preferring the comfort of the inland streams and estuarys.


Giraffe, Zebra, Horse, Gazelle…who knows! All we know is it is called an Okapi. Myth tells us that this animal dating back to ancient Egypt was once known as the ‘African Unicorn’. The Okapi is known as a living fossil, for it looks like many creatures….all your favourite animals rolled into one superbeast!


The word ‘strange’ doesn’t quite hit it with this animal…this savvy salamander doesn’t have any eyes let alone skin pigmentation!  You may think this creature is at physical disadvantage; however it has the capability to outlive most humans, up to 100 years. But that’s probably because they don’t have a mortgage to worry about.

Hooded Seal

The Hooded Seal is one of the rarest seals. Hooded seals can puff up a big balloon-like hood by blowing air through their noses. The males use it to attract attention from females - the bigger the better (but not too big!)…and if it was socially acceptable, human males would probably do something very similar no doubt.

Yangtze River Dolphin

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A very sad fact is that there is probably around ten of these wonderful dolphins still left in the world. Down to China’s industrialisation, these animals are now known as ‘functionally extinct’. Cheers China.

Chinese Giant Salamander

A big head, beady eyes and muddy wrinkly skin; the Chinese giant salamander isn’t the prettiest of things. Even though you would never take it out for a walk in the park at risk of scaring everyone in a three mile radius, the size of it alone is pretty darn impressive! Just look at the thing!

Giant Coconut Crab

The Giant Coconut Crab is…well….a massive crab! They’re not endangered yet, but if loads of people eat them shellfishly - they’ll soon be clawing themselves onto that list!

Glass Frog

The glass frog has to be one of the coolest looking frogs out there. It is actually possible to see this frog’s inner workings from outside its body; so it is a shame that this little fella is nearly extinct due to deforestation in South America.

Honduran White Bat

The Honduran White Bat is so small it can fit on your finger. However, it maybe not be able to do this for much longer due to its habitat being destroyed by us pesky humans.  They apparently love fig tree leaves, so if you ever come across one of these bats - chuck one its way.

As you can see, there are plenty of animals in the world which are weird & wonderful. However, these animals are all nearly extinct…so let’s all make an effort to keep these bizarre guys alive! We don’t want to be left with all the normal-looking animals, do we?

Author: This list was compiled by the team at Invisible Fence® Brand, providers of electronic pet fences.

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